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19th May 2023 - A nice in depth interview with Zippy: here (first published approx May 2020)

18th May 2023 - re-grabbed better screenshots for the menus that have the rolling pic display

17th May 2023 - Finally got round to putting all menus on one page. It's 2023, I don't think we need to worry about dialup users any more :) - All on one page here

9th May 2023 - fixed a few broken images

23rd August 2017 - nothing new, just checking all links still go where they should :)

13th November 2015 - just some behind the scenes tidying, some of the code was a bit too 'hack it together' :)

13th April 2015 - no real update, I just wanted to see how long I'd been hosting this page, seems the first version went up in May 1999, so its been going for about 16 years :D Some of the HTML code is a bit suspect though, I should probably have a 'code tidy' at some point.

23rd October 2008 - Small tidy.

7th November 2007 - No real changes, just thought I'd update and check for bad links, have fun!

15th January 2007 - had some spare time, so re-did all the screenshots in STEEM with borders displayed so varios scrollers and rasters are now visible :)

14th July 2005 - Finally, thanks to Darren Birks, I now have a working copy of menu 101, so thats all the medway menus in one place with a nice pic of each menu too - enjoy!

22nd April 2005 - Minor update, site tidy and link fix, still looking for menu 101 though :)

9th January 2005 - still looking for a working copy of menu 101, all the copies i've found have the same problem of the menu not working. the games are fine however. Stay Atari :)

Updated 30th July 2003 - blimey, three years between updates .... anyway, the site it still here and will stay here, i've got no plans on closing it, but it might move. Anyway, i've made a link button if anyone wants to use it ...: Use this code on your page:

<a href=""><img border=0 src=""></a>

and it should look like this:


Text list of all the menus here: text list (in html)
2017 news: the plopbox domain is now a holding page, looks like its gone forever :/

While you're downloading, why not listen to some proper chiptune music:

2015 Update: Somehow, plpbox is still online and working well, however, it uses an older java player that is disabled by default. To fill your ears with chiptune goodness, you'll need to add an entry for plopbox in the 'allowed sites' part of the Java control panel.

plopbox link

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