image 16col Pic for the MiniNova party, March 21st 2020. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, this was held online. No competitions, I just did this for fun :) ( )
image 16 by 16 2col font, pixelled in the evenings of a week long work training course. Unused in any prods as yet.
image My entry for Sundown 2016. Quite pleased with how this came out. It placed 1st! (but only because I was the only entrant...) (Results)
image Remote entry for Outline 2016 (Results)
image Another rushed, unfinished compo entry. Placed second at Sundown 2015, people liked the background :) (Results)
image This was mostly drawn on my laptop while sat in a hotel bar in the week just before Sundown 2013 - I was on a week long course for my job, which was organised at the last minute, so I had very little time to prepare this pic (and the 'demo' we released). I finished it up on my Mega ST while at the party, but when I look at it now, I can see loads of things I'd change, and I really need to sort out a decent dither technique :) (Results)
image Sundown 2012 Oldschool GFX entry. Managed to plan ahead for this year and find some time to do a pic, made with PC tools and finished using Neochrome. Placed 1st (!) in the compo, I was well pleased :) (Results)
image Sunrise 2010 freestyle GFX entry. Unfinished. (Results)
image Sundown 2010 Oldschool GFX entry. As I was madly coding the chipdisk while at the party, I didn't have time to finish the pic ... maybe this year :) (Results)
image 'scientist' - done for sundown 2009 - came last :/ though there were some stunning spectrum gfx entered in the comp. (see here) (Results)
image 'silly chicken' done for Sundown 2008 (came second in the oldschool comp) (Results)
image '8ball' - Created as a remote entry for Outline 2008 (Results)
image December 2004 - used in the dhs 15k screen
image 'Boarder' - done sometime around 2001
image This was my entry for the 16 colour competition at PMP 99 (Results)
image This was my (late) entry for the '4 colour gfx compo' run by d.h.s. in June 99. I was late getting the picture to the organisers, so although it was included in the results intro, it wasn't eligible for any votes :(
image This is a neat logo by Baldur, an Iclandic gfx guy who was in Torment in the early ninties.
image This is another cool logo by Baldur.
image A cartoon, again by Baldur.
image Fat Freddy's Cat, in one colour :) (by me)
image A logo (by me)
image Another logo (by me)
image Another 1bit cartoon, this time by me - copied from a Gary Larson image.
image A logo by Fuse, who was briefly a member of Torment in the early ninties. Fuse (James) mostly used an Amiga to draw his graphics and they were then ported to the ST.
image Cover pic for UCM 17 (November 1999)
image Cover pic for UCM 16 (August 1999), this was about the 5th re-draw, I still reckon I could make it better, but deadlines are deadlines ....
image My entry for the SV2K 16 colour compo - It was rushed, but I like it anyway....
image original sketch used for the 4k gfx competition on DHS