Sundown 2016 Yet another compo filler, 'nothing special' this time, some new graphics and a new Rhino tune (written in Megatizer) and some old but moddified code. We had to release something for the last Sundown, but as ever, work got in the way so we didn't have time to do a 'fresh' release, so this was the stand in.
Code: GND (modified by spiny)
Music: Rhino
Gfx: spiny, Fuse
 Sundown 2013 A bit of 'competition filler' for Sundown 2013, basically another slideshow with new Rhino tune and some new GFX by me, and old code :) I enjoyed making it, maybe you'll enjoy watching it ? Note: it goes out of sync after about three loops, no time to 'optimise' it at the party ...
 Sundown 2012 A small intro coded for Sundown 2012. Mostly coded by me (spiny) with some routines by GND. and a lot of help from various people :) Tune by Rhino. Graphics by me, you may notice some recycling, this is because even though I managed to plan ahead for the gfx compo, I didn't leave enough time to make new gfx for the demo comp -and- write a demo too ... sorry !
There is a capture of this at the DHS video db here
 Xmas Intro ! Just a little Christmas Card from Torment :) I happened to be feeling creative in December of 2011 and I'd made a new logo, but had nothing to put it in, so this little 'cardtro' was created. It's loosly based on the 'crimbo intro' that we did for the DHS compo way back in, well I can't remember :) This one has a slightly modified snow routine by GND with the scroller now in the lower border, some new GFX by me (spiny) and a new tune by Rhino. Yes, the snowman is ripped from Calvin and Hobbs :)
There is a capture of this at the DHS video db here
 Sunrise 2011 Oldschool demo comp. Our entry in the Sunrise 2011 Oldschool demo competition. Another small (and short !) demo, as ever down to lack of time for our coder. The basis for this screen is the disting scroller rout which I (spiny) found on an old drive of GNDs, initially it was just the scroller, so I added a megatizer replay rout and the little slideshow you see. The tune was composed at the partyplace by Rhino as were the gfx, but by me (spiny). the silly nyan-cat at the end is just for fun
 Sundown 2010 Oldschool demo comp. Our entry in the Sundown 2010 Oldschool demo competition. It has new gfx, new music, and this time, new code too. This is my first attempt at Devpac/assembler coding, please be gentle :)
 Sunrise 2011 Wild Demo entry Our entry in the Sunrise 2011 Wild demo competition. It's a music disk for Windows (the first non-atari Torment prod, I think ! ) written in 'Pixilang' - a scripting language by Alex Zolotov (NightRadio). The language was made to help non coders (like me) write graphical demos, and it seems to work :) The demo has ten mods and a few screens that loop. nothing amazing, but thats down to my lack of understanding of maths more than anything, if I could grasp SIN/COS etc, there would be more scrolly disting stuff :)
Most of the graphics are old pics and logs that we have used before, this is just down to the eternal enemy: time, or lack of. But as all the tunes are also old, it seemed fitting to use gfx from around the same era, well thats my excuse anyway :)
 Sundown 2009 Oldschool demo comp. Our entry in the Sundown 2009 Oldschool demo competition. It has new gfx, new music, but old code.

 Sundown 2008 Oldschool demo comp. Our entry in the Sundown 2008 Oldschool demo competition. It has old gfx, old music, and old code, due to our coder not being at the party.

 15K DHS competition Our entry in the dhs 15k intro competition - we came first in the music section.

 Crimbo Intro Our entry in the dhs Christmas intro competition - we came second out of four. This is the repacked version using atomic 3.5 as jek doesn't like the falcon apparently.

 Twitching Flannels! This was our entry in the Pre Millenium Party in Utrecht

 Accidental Intro Grab a copy of our 'comeback' intro, released mid June 1999

 'pete' One of our earliest screens - from the legendary 'Ripped off' coding party in Bradford, UK, 1992.