October 2019
Coming Soon

September 2019
Coming Soon

August 2019
Moving on up

July 2019
Kart Race!

June 2019
MG shakedown and more kart

May 2019
Yet more kart, and some vw engine

April 2019
No spannering this month

March 2019
Yet more lathe rebuilding and some more kart

February 2019
More lathe rebuilding

January 2019
Lathe rebuild ongoing

December 2018
Coming Soon

November 2018
Coming Soon

October 2018
Coming Soon

September 2018
Coming Soon

August 2018
Coming Soon

July 2018
Coming Soon

June 2018
Coming Soon

May 2018
Coming Soon

April 2018
Gokart aplenty

March 2018
Gokart bushings

February 2018
Gokart chassis and lathe strip and clean

January 2018
Even more gokart - hydraulic brakes

December 2017
Gokart machining

November 2017
Coming Soon

October 2017
Coming Soon

September 2017
Coming Soon

August 2017
Coming Soon

July 2017
Even more gokart

June 2017
More gokart

May 2017
More gokart

April 2017
Some engine, plus gokart

March 2017
Engine Pics
February 2017
No spannering this month

January 2017
Engine support bar fitting

December 2016
Nothing much :)

November 2016
Van engine progress

October 2016
Daily driver woes

September 2016
MG engine out, VW engine stand mods

August 2016
VW engine build up

July 2016
Loads of activity - rear brakes replaced on the MG

June 2016
Garage tidy, not much else

May 2016
Ebay engine buy - with crank issues

April 2016
Spare engine build up - out of parts collected over the last fifteen or so years

March 2016
Van post winter checks

February 2016
Still too cold!

January 2016
Too Cold!

December 2015
Too Cold!

November 2015
Too Cold!

October 2015
Test drove the MG, but didn't take pics.

September 2015
Tiny van tidy - just clearing out the dust really.

August 2015
New calipers for the MG, didn't take any pics when fitting them :)

July 2015
No updates this month

June 2015
No updates this month (just Glastonbury)

May 2015
Starter solenoid 'fun' - original packed up, bought a new one, didn't work, so fixed old one. Result: time wasted on shit pattern parts.

April 2015
Intermission: some garage security - bought enough offcuts to make frames for the windows.

March 2015
Brake stuff - the brake pedal was sticking, turned out to be the upper assembly needing a clean.

February 2015
No updates this month

January 2015
Van arrives! Plud some intitial stripdown of it's engine.

December 2014
Intermission: Queens Square Sunday Car Meet

November 2014
No updates for this month

October 2014
Stripping the engine from PKT 532M

October 2014
Intermission: a friends 'Marlin' kit, appears to be mk4 Cortina and various MG/Triumph bits based, excellent fun on the road :)

September 2014
Tool time - three tools that are helpful in stripping aircooled type1 VW engines

August 2014
Daily driver woes - split hose meant I had to cycle to work for a few days, luckilly the weather was nice :)

July 2014
Van Move! getting the van ready for it's return, took a few hours to persuade the engine to run, but got there in the end.

June 2014
Intermission: a few pics of some car related stuff at Glastonbury 2014

May 2014
New tank for the MG, and some furniture for the caravan

April 2014
'Drive It Day' didn't really happen this year - the MG started OK, but wouldn't select any gears ...

March 2014
Replaced a rusty door skin on the MG

February 2014
Missing metal on the bus

January 2014
Less wood, but still not much car progress

December 2013
Not much this month, the garage is full of wood to be chopped up

November 2013
Arch fun with the van, and a new chapter for the E30

October 2013
Success! the E30 lives - kind of ... it runs but leaks water

September 2013
Some more work on rebuilding the head on the E30

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In May 2006 I trailered a complete but slightly rusty 1972 chrome bumper MG Midget to my place, this has taken preference over the van for the time being as I'd like to get out there and use it.

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No April 2006 update
intermission: new car arrival
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