January 2017
Fitting an 'Engine Support Bar'
2017-01-14 14.30.12
This engine doesn't have the mounts for a bus engine support bar, so I'll need to use an adapter. However, I don't think there is enough thread left on the stock studs to make this viable, and just fitting the adapter (without the VW oil cover) looked like it would leak loads, so I fitted longer studs.
2017-01-14 14.37.08
naked pump
2017-01-14 14.38.58
using the two nut method to remove
2017-01-14 14.45.47
longer stud fitted - these have a handy allen head so can be screwed in.
2017-01-14 15.03.14
All four fitted
2017-01-14 15.13.48
However, these are too long ...
2017-01-14 15.20.31
So I removed them and cut off about 10mm, then screwed back in to check
2017-01-14 15.22.14
Much better
2017-01-14 15.32.20
Mounted a lot more solidly now, with Nylocs too.
2017-01-14 15.59.02
Also dug out some cruddy J-Pipes to use
2017-01-14 15.59.26
new fittings though
2017-01-14 16.19.34
Geting there
2017-01-14 16.19.45
A lot of this engine is second hand / swapmeet stuff
2017-01-14 16.19.52
more j-pipe
2017-01-14 16.20.04
I have a spare engine bar somewhere that i'll offer up to check clearance.