September 2016
2016-08-24 18.48.41
Tool Time: A 'torque meister' hub removal tool.
2016-08-24 19.02.24
Cleverly multiplies the torque by about 9 times, so to undo the massive torque on the flywheel nut is 9 times easier.
2016-08-24 19.02.31
uses an 11mm spanner/socket, which feels really weird!
2016-08-27 14.54.36
new boots for the inlet manifold
2016-08-27 15.53.38
screw in stids for the exhaust port (originally bought for my old BMW E30 325)
2016-08-27 15.58.05
slight ebay error here, bought a 'vw exhaust' which turned out to be a 1200 unit, so too narrow for this 1600
2016-08-27 15.58.20
but I do have a 1200 engine in bits somewhere, so it can be used for that project at some point.
2016-09-17 18.35.18
MG news: decided to drop the engine to check that a rattling noise wasn't a loose flywheel
2016-09-17 18.35.22
Got distracted and left the engine at an angle overnight, so all the gearbox oil fell out.
2016-09-18 14.38.01
All out.
2016-09-18 14.55.15
gearbox off
2016-09-18 15.00.18
Looks like I forgot to bend the locking tabs when I put the gearbox on a few years back. The flywheel wasn't loose, but certainly not good. All tapped over correctly now though.
2016-10-02 11.00.39
In daily driver news, the Mondeo ate part of the inlet manifold :/
2016-10-02 12.13.44
another side project to the many other side projects, updating the engine stand to incorporate a small fuel tank and battery mount.
2016-10-02 12.14.01
still needs lines fitting
2016-10-02 16.55.50
neat tip on how to keep the prop from falling out - bungee it in place, so when the engine is wiggled in, it stays splined in.