Impulsive ebay bid
2016-05-16 21.13.57
Bought this from ebay as it was only ten miles from my house
2016-05-16 21.20.48
When I picked it up from the seller, we noticed the flywheel would spin before the front pulley
2016-05-16 21.21.03
Closer inspection after I got it home is that the flywheel is loose and has ovalled the dowells
2016-05-16 21.21.07
But for the price I paid, it's worth repairing :)
2016-05-16 21.21.12
I just need to buy the re-drill kit and hope I don't screw it up!
2016-05-16 21.21.15
So this is a 'when I have time project' :)