December 2015
Too Cold!

November 2015
Too Cold!

October 2015
Test drove the MG, but didn't take pics.

September 2015
Tiny van tidy - just clearing out the dust really.

August 2015
New calipers for the MG, didn't take any pics when fitting them :)

July 2015
No updates this month

June 2015
No updates this month (just Glastonbury)

May 2015
Starter solenoid 'fun' - original packed up, bought a new one, didn't work, so fixed old one. Result: time wasted on shit pattern parts.

April 2015
Intermission: some garage security - bought enough offcuts to make frames for the windows.

March 2015
Brake stuff - the brake pedal was sticking, turned out to be the upper assembly needing a clean.

February 2015
No updates this month

January 2015
Van arrives! Plud some intitial stripdown of it's engine.