December 2014
Intermission: Queens Square Sunday Car Meet

November 2014
No updates for this month

October 2014
Stripping the engine from PKT 532M

October 2014
Intermission: a friends 'Marlin' kit, appears to be mk4 Cortina and various MG/Triumph bits based, excellent fun on the road :)

September 2014
Tool time - three tools that are helpful in stripping aircooled type1 VW engines

August 2014
Daily driver woes - split hose meant I had to cycle to work for a few days, luckilly the weather was nice :)

July 2014
Van Move! getting the van ready for it's return, took a few hours to persuade the engine to run, but got there in the end.

June 2014
Intermission: a few pics of some car related stuff at Glastonbury 2014

May 2014
New tank for the MG, and some furniture for the caravan

April 2014
'Drive It Day' didn't really happen this year - the MG started OK, but wouldn't select any gears ...

March 2014
Replaced a rusty door skin on the MG

February 2014
Missing metal on the bus

January 2014
Less wood, but still not much car progress