January 2013
Not much this month, just a new workbench for the garage.

February 2013
No update this month - too darn cold to do anything

March 2013
Replaced old fuse box in the garage with some nice RCDs that are easy to reach :)

March 2013
Intermission: Retro Rides Beach Party!

April 2013
Intermission: Local classic car meet

May 2013
Not much this month, some car boot car amps and a new router table to play with.

June 2013
Emergency caravan repair, I was getting ready for Glastonbury when this happened. Glad it happened at home and not at the festival ...

July 2013
New daily ...

August 2013
First real car work this year I think, replaced the flexis on the MG

September 2013
Some more work on rebuilding the head on the E30

October 2013
Success! the E30 lives - kind of ... it runs but leaks water

November 2013
Arch fun with the van, and a new chapter for the E30

December 2013
Not much this month, the garage is full of wood to be chopped up