January 2011
MG work about to begin :)

February 2011
minor carb fitting and ebay stuff

March 2011
No update this month

April 2011
Spare engine from ebay, along with the old one from my last van

May 2011
MG Fuelling investigation - new pump fitted

June 2011
No update, busy getting ready for, and going to, Glastonbury :)

July 2011
More front panel work, drivers front arch 99.9% complete

August 2011
New passenger arch delivered, pattern parts are getting worse :/ but it will be better than the rust that is there at the moment ...

August 2011
Another ebay vw engine

August 2011
Some stencil sillyness to brighten up the parts chaser

September 2011
Front panel now 99.99999999999% done ... passenger arch work started

September 2011
Breakthrough with the MG - duff spark plug was causing the bad running ...

October 2011
MG drivers door work begins

October 2011
Intermission: a few pics from the RR beach party in Brean

November 2011
More MG door

December 2011
getting colder, just a quick garage tidy.

December 2011 02
annual christmas van welding

December 2011 03
rubbish pattern arch fitment continues ...