February 2010
jan2010_Picture 989
New manifold arrives
jan2010_Picture 990
couldn't find the scissors ...
jan2010_Picture 991
looks well put together
jan2010_Picture 992
jan2010_Picture 992
jan2010_Picture 993
fits like a glove :)
jan2010_Picture 994
and the carbs fit too :)
jan2010_Picture 995
jan2010_Picture 996
a bit smokey from running the engine with no middle exhaust
jan2010_Picture 997
was idleing at 4000rpm, so checked for air leaks
jan2010_Picture 998
that'll be an air leak then.
jan2010_Picture 999
manifold is curretnly on its way to ne weled back up
jan2010_Picture 1000
courtesy of a very nice bloke on the retro rides forum
jan2010_Picture 1001
once it's back and re gasketed
jan2010_Picture 1002
I'm hoping for a nice smooth idle
jan2010_Picture 1003
and then I can finish the resty of the exhaust