January 2010
(tecnically December 2009) Did some more work on the van, updating my homemade removable rear valance - still more work to do though.

January 2010
More work on the front lights, I gave up on the old housings and bought shiny new ones :)

January 2010
heater back in

February 2010

Intermission: scanned some pics of PKT 523M taken during an engine out/engine in sometime in 1998ish

February 2010
More van work - rear valance now capped and hinged :)

March 2010
very short test drive

April 2010
More air leak troubleshooting, not really something to take pics of :D

May 2010
May 2010

June 2010
New front panel for the bus deliverd.

July 2010
First attempts to fit new front panel

August 2010
Inner arch fettling

September 2010
front arch pretty much sorted

October 2010
Slight arch update

November 2010
No update this month

December 2010
Seatbelt mount repair and rear arch investigation.