January 2009
Welder Rebuild

February 2009
small bit of wiring

March 2009
Finally got my flywheel machined to fit the Marina engine. bolted it all up earlier and stuck a battery on it and it turns over :) no carbs connected so thats still to try ...

April 2009
engine mount fun

April 2009
more timing gear

April 2009
fuel tank maintennance

April 2009
vinegar rust removal - I was sceptical, but it appears to work :)

April 2009
fuel pump fitting - in various places ...

April 2009
welding up some of the bigger holes in the front valance

May 2009
engine back in! (probably only temporary though)

June 2009
new side exit dizzy cap fitted

July 2009
it moves ! a small trip round the garden

August 2009
Not much done this month

September 2009
Van Stuff

October 2009
Door Seals

November 2009
the all important stickers (and some wiring)

December 2009
Seatbelt Mounts