January 2007
rear arch repair

February 2007
rear arch repair

March 2007
exploratory surgery on the sills doesn't go too well ...

April 2007
rear inner sill started

May 2007
rear inner sill mostly completed

June 2007
Front inner sill repaired

July 2007
Had a month off ...

August 2007
Drivers side sill now on, inner front arch and inner rear arch patched, lower drivers side rear boot floor fixed up.

Sept 2007
A few more bits of welding

October 2007
No update this month.

November 2007
Last few pics before I stopped work to pack up everything to move house. Pics show the final wonky welding on the sill and some panels bought on ebay.

December 2007
No update this month

December 2007 pt2
No update this month